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In our garden we use the old fashioned method of improving existing soils by adding organic matter such as animal manures and leaves etc and then allowing the soil to rest after each harvest.. Below is a collection of photo showing the initial setup in 2007. The beds had many tonnes of grass-fed cow poo placed onto them to improve fertility, soil structure and water holding capacity.

* The grassy looking growth is actually wheat that sprung from the straw ... I allowed it to grow and then harvested it for the chooks.

Below are a few photos showing some of the foods we grow in our back yard year after year by improving existing soils and using nothing more than grass-fed animal manure, mulched up leaves, and a bit of Blood & Bone plus the residue of spent plants. Over time I will share with you some of the techniques we use to grow & keep our own food

We live in an area that's classed as  "Cold Climate" where winter temps can drop to a bone chilling minus -8 degrees Celsius with heavy frosts and snow and then Summer time temps reaching , at times, a blistering 42 degrees Celsius with hot westerly winds.

The conditions are challenging so we plant in Spring and harvest in Summer through to Autumn (except for garlic which grows during the winter months). We plant the same things each year and once everything is harvested  it is processed by freezing, drying, bottling or storing. We usually end up with enough produce to last us through the winter months until the growing season starts again for another year.

I use 2 large freezers & 2 fridge/freezers to keep the frozen veg such as Corn, Beans, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots etc. The Tomatoes & Apricots are bottled, some of the Plums are dried and turned into prunes and the pumpkins, potatoes and onions are stored out the back room. The Apples are stored in the 2nd fridge. Some of the onions and pumpkins are turned into soup

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