I love cooking,  Below are some photos of what I've cooked and I've added links to different recipe sites I have used. More will be added over time

Strawberry Jam -

Strawberry Jam
1.5kgs strawberries
1/4 cup water
4 tbsps. lemon juice
50g (1 packet) jamsetta
1.5kilo sugar / warmed

1) wash, drain and hull burries
2) place in preserving pand with water, lemon juice and cook gently uncovered until fruit os soft
3) Add jamsetta and warmed sugar
4) heat gently until sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally
5) Boil vigorously for 5 to 10 minutes (then test for set)
6) skim scum off surface with metal spoon, if necessary.
7) Allow to stand for 10 mins
8) Pour into warm dry jars
9) Seal immediately with Fowlers Kleerview Covers and label accordingly.

** I've discovered that the secret to making nice spreadable jam is this .... don't boil it any longer than 10 mins .

Below is a photo of a Lemon Cheese cake which is quick and easy. This is the recipe  that I use and here is a link to more Cheesecake Recipes that I found on

I also make fresh bread every 3rd day using a bread machine. Best thing I have ever bought, I love it. So easy. I make it from scratch as I am not too keen on the premixed bread flour packets. The other thing in the photo is a date roll.

This next photo is of a Bacon & Onion Quiche, which again is real quick and easy to make and tastes delicious. This is the recipe that I use and here is a link to more Quiche Recipes
The photo below is of a Sticky Date Choc Lava pudding that I made. First time I had ever made this and it turned out really good and tasted DELICIOUS!!!  so good that I ate one for breakfast the next day ... ooopps .... and I may have eaten another on for lunch. The recipe was in the magazine Sticky Date Choc Lava Pudding . The recipe makes 6 little puddings and does have techniques I've never done before but well worth the effort ...


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