Monday, 5 October 2015

Fur Baby Blanket & Seed Planting

Done! whooohoo, looks pretty cute to me. This is just a proto type so only a small blanket but it would look great on a baby cot or even used for that special fur baby
Next one I make will be bigger and I'll use brighter colours. Lots of things could be made using this technique. The original pattern came from Patons and I've only just found a spare moment to give it a try. I've modified it slightly and changed the edging to one row instead of 6 rows. Also changed the colours and worked with 4 instead of 16. I made a small one this time just to see how it would look sew together. I like it. Will be making more of these and in all sorts of colours as well. This one will be going up for sale in the next couple of weeks once I get around to taking a better photo of it. ....

Also spent yesterday planting more seeds, this time all the frost tender ones. This is what my work space looks like. this is a link to my VEGETABLE GARDEN PAGE if you want more info about what I planted etc.

I start all my vegetables this way. I pot the seeds and then let them sit out on the veranda for a few weeks next to the windows until they germinate and then transplanted into the main garden.

Woolly work space

This is a photo of my little work space where I make the different crochet & knitted toys. I find it incredibly relaxing and no two to...