Sunday, 27 September 2015

Busy week coming up

Today is carrot planting day. I've put it off for long enough, should have had them planted last week but a cold front moved in and waaaay too cold for me. I spent yesterday planting the remaining onions seeds and you can find that info on my "GARDEN BLOG"
This week is about planting carrots, making more toys ie: chickens, writing out knitting patterns to sell and of course playing the drums .... huh? wot! ... yup you heard me ... I have been having drum lessons for the past 2 months and finally went down to Sydney and bought myself a set of drums .... fun fun fun .... did I mention how much fun they are? .. Love it although the dog not so much .. she gives me the old  "stink eye" when ever I start playing them.

I've got some photos for you of the garden, a photo of my crochet chook and some links to my knit /crochet sites as well ... there is my Craftsy site and my Etsy site .. you can also buy the finished items from me via ebay & madeit, just leave a comment below and I'll get back you.

AND here are some more photos of what's happening in my garden right now ... The Garlic has been growing for the past 6 months, the Strawberries are starting to flower, the peas have been planted behind the strawberrys and will eventually climb the wire netting. The onions have been planted out, all 5 packets of them and today the carrots will be planted ... well thats the plan once I pull my finger out and finish writing this blog post.

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