Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Springtime - Carrots, Onions and Blanky Making

Finally managed to drag my sorry bones out of the house and into the back yard ... the carrots won't plant themselves so made another cuppa and thought about it for a while .... ahhh the serenity .. anyhoo first things first, I still had 3 containers of onions to finish planting and then next job start on the 4 packets of carrots. 

This first photo shows the remaining onion seedlings and the following photo shows the carrot bed planted out with carrot seeds. The carrots seeds are covered in a bit of potting mix to help germination.

The other thing that has been happening in the garden is the fruit trees. They are covered in blossoms ... this is a link to my GROW YOUR OWN FOOD garden page if you want to know a bit more about that .

I've also been spending a bit of time working on my blanket, its still in pieces and quite a bit of work to be done but I'm liking what I am seeing .. .sorry about the photo, it doesn't due justice to the blanket, looks heaps better in real life ..... this blanky is just a proto type to see how well it comes together so only small, will end up being 5 panels wide and 5 long , I'm thinking pet blanket at the moment but am seriously thinking of making a larger one. I love blankies

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Busy week coming up

Today is carrot planting day. I've put it off for long enough, should have had them planted last week but a cold front moved in and waaaay too cold for me. I spent yesterday planting the remaining onions seeds and you can find that info on my "GARDEN BLOG"
This week is about planting carrots, making more toys ie: chickens, writing out knitting patterns to sell and of course playing the drums .... huh? wot! ... yup you heard me ... I have been having drum lessons for the past 2 months and finally went down to Sydney and bought myself a set of drums .... fun fun fun .... did I mention how much fun they are? .. Love it although the dog not so much .. she gives me the old  "stink eye" when ever I start playing them.

I've got some photos for you of the garden, a photo of my crochet chook and some links to my knit /crochet sites as well ... there is my Craftsy site and my Etsy site .. you can also buy the finished items from me via ebay & madeit, just leave a comment below and I'll get back you.

AND here are some more photos of what's happening in my garden right now ... The Garlic has been growing for the past 6 months, the Strawberries are starting to flower, the peas have been planted behind the strawberrys and will eventually climb the wire netting. The onions have been planted out, all 5 packets of them and today the carrots will be planted ... well thats the plan once I pull my finger out and finish writing this blog post.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Chooks & Chickens

The last few months have been filled with creating chooks ... sooo what do you think? .
These are the chooks you can have when you don't have room for real ones.  Plus they don't eat much. They are still a work in progress, each time I make one I tweek the pattern a bit. Slight modifications every time so no two are ever the same.

They are currently for sale although only 3 left (top photo), all the others have been sold but I will be making more if anyone interested (send me a message or leave a comment below and I'll get back to you)


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

"Grow your own food" blog is moving again (sorry about that)

I've finally managed to get a "grow your own foods" blog spot *YAY* ... had to add an S to the end of food but at least now I can sort out my Woolly Blog (knitted toys etc) from my Garden Blog ... this is the new address for the garden blog growyourownfoods.blogspot.com.au/

I should have sorted it at the beginning but I didn't think there would be as much interest in my veg garden as there has been. I am currently in the process of moving the garden information from this blog (woolly blog address)  to the new garden blog (grow your own foods blog address). and then this woolly blog will be about craft, chooks and a bit of gardening whilst the other blog will be about gardening only (does any of that make sense???)

Confused? ... I know I am but in the coming months it will sort itself out. :)

Woolly work space

This is a photo of my little work space where I make the different crochet & knitted toys. I find it incredibly relaxing and no two to...