Thursday, 8 January 2015

Busiest time of the Year

This is a quick post until I can find a moment to write about all that's been happening over this last month. Have harvested onions, 1/2 of the carrots and have a heap of new baby chickens hatched from the incubator (and are now sitting in the brooder) this week plus lots of toy orders.

Got lots of photos to share and of course some more of my dodgy videos (which need editing) managed to get video of the baby chicks actually hatching from the eggs which is rather exciting.

The garden is well and truly producing, the corn is close to being picked as well. This time of year is always crazy and I struggle to keep up with everything that's going on hahahaha I need to grow an extra pair of arms.

Here are a few of photos of the garden & chickens. You can see the onion bed is now empty, harvested over 800 onions. 

The photo below is of the new babies that were hatched in the incubator on Tuesday & Wednesday and are now sitting in the Brooder. 


Woolly work space

This is a photo of my little work space where I make the different crochet & knitted toys. I find it incredibly relaxing and no two to...