Friday, 19 December 2014

What does it really mean?

What can I say except that was a long 4 months. What am I talking about I hear you ask?  ... well I just won the "Yates" 2014 Garden Vegetable Growing Competition. That's right Whoohoo being a winner is much more fun than being a loser.

The competition began in September and consisted of starting all plants from seed and then blogging about the journey, the problems faced, the failures and success.  2272 garden competitors from around Australia joined in.

I am thankful that Yates allowed me to be part of their competition and it certainly was a lot of fun. Blogging each day about what was happening.

Seeing all the different gardens and the many ways people grow food was interesting. This is a link to the blogs I wrote on the Yates website

First prize was an assortment of products and vouchers, some of which I can use but sadly most I cannot. You see, my garden is organic. Everything that grows in my garden is balanced, from the native lizards to the beautiful burrowing banjo frog which frighten the crappola out of me every time I encountered one in the potato patch ... never knew a potato could wiggle ... never knew I could scream so loud either but that's a story for another time.

I'll keep the book, gloves, Chili pot, vouchers and seeds but all the rest I've given away. I don't use any of that stuff on my garden. I have no need for it. I don't mind if others want to use it. But for me I am not interested. I knew when I entered that the First Prize was a mixture of their products and money vouchers so I was not surprised when it arrived. ..... what did surprise me was my private thoughts as I looked at these objects ....  We live in a world were pouring synthetic fertilisers, fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides is considered normal. That its not possible to grow a garden without this stuff. We are told that if the plant has aphids we must kill them immediately ... and yet aphids are food for lady beetles, they are food for many native birds, they are part of a food chain that is vital to the existence of all life on earth. We are connected and if we choose to ignore that fact then we do so at our own peril.

The soils in our garden have been carefully manage to produce a bounty of fresh vegetables. Each year the earth repay us for our care and consideration. I take none of it for granted. I know I am blessed to have the knowledge and the skills required to grow and harvest huge
amounts of produce and yet at the same time be able to protect and encourage the native flora and fauna that is major part of my vegetable garden.

To me all life is precious no matter what it is ... could be snail going about his business ...  could be a stick insect .. it  doesn't matter  .... all the critters have a place in my garden  ... even if they eat some of my vegetables  ... so what ... they will end up being food for something else any way ... the snail becomes the dinner for the lizard, the beetle becomes the dinner for the frog, the frog becomes dinner for the Hawk. Maybe I'm strange who knows ... but what I do know is this .... without nature we are nothing.

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