Friday, 28 November 2014

Vegetable Garden

This is what the garden looks like as of this morning. Its growing so fast now that the weather has warmed up.
We desperately need rain though, the plants have been kept alive by the rain water that's in storage tanks on the top block. Last year was so dry that we ran out of water and had to truck some in.

This photo below is a different angle of the garden beds, you can see the corn, tomatoes, carrots, beans, onions ad potatoes .... its tricky trying to get a photo of the entire garden because its spread out but you get the idea of the layout.
I picked my garlic last week and have 144 elephant garlic plants now drying on the veranda. I picked them early because the temperatures were dropping and we got a bit of rain, not much but enough to cause some of the white rot to occur. I didn't want to risk loosing all of my Elephant garlic to white rot so pulled it out on the weekend .

Have just started picking the peas and this is the first year of growing them in the strawberry patch which is separated from the main garden by wire mesh. Its completely enclosed to stop furry critters from eating the peas and strawberries.... don't know why I didn't think of growing them in there years ago.

Pumpkins have just started to run. I noticed they have both the male and female flowers now so won't be long before they are setting fruit. Very soon the entire yard will be filled with pumpkin vine.
Onions and carrots survived their time in the snow on the 14th of October this year and have really taken off now, growing nicely. I was surprised they survived.

Its all looking rather lush and delicious. That's what cow poop does for the ground. the worms love it and the plants grow real strong and disease resistant. Very happy with this years progress although can't really count on anything until harvest time ... We could get a massive hail storm and it all be wiped out in one afternoon.

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