Sunday, 9 November 2014

Planting time - Finally!

Yup all plants are now in the ground. Whoohoo! .... Thank goodness as its always a challenge negotiating the weather conditions around here. Living in a cold climate makes for some interesting times .... lets see, 1 month ago the garden beds got covered in a heavy dumping of fluffy snow

and then last week I was waiting to plant fearing that we might get one last frost on Friday with our temperatures dropping to a low 5C which was 1 degree from being frost potential ... anything under 4C at this time of year can still cause light frost to occur so planting frost tender plants into the garden has to be carefully considered.

And of course just after I planted the seedlings we got a westerly come in and blew hot air straight from the desert all over us ... we had 2 days of 32C and then today dropped to 26C .... then tomorrow predicted to drop to 7C ... the plants around here have to be tough and be able to handle cold and heat ... its just the way it is.

I picked some of my garlic during this last couple of weeks as well and its now sitting out on the veranda drying. Originally planted 5 types (4 garlic and one lot of Elephant garlic). 2 of the varieties didn't like growing here and where more suited to warmer climate but the ones the I saved from previous years have become acclimatized and now reproduced beautifully
I've still got the Elephant garlic in the ground and just waiting for it to die off a bit more before I start to harvest. I personally prefer to grow the Elephant garlic as it doesn't have as many issues as the normal garlic does. It grows without too many problems plus it has a milder garlic flavor. Its related to garlic and belongs to the same family as garlic,onions and leeks.

This photo below shows the Elephant Garlic that is still in the ground and you can see its got a covering of dew on it. If the temperature had dropped one more degree that dew would have turned into frost. Garlic can handle the frost but pumpkins and beans etc can't.

This time of year is full of things that need to be done. The seedlings need to go into the ground, the baby chickens are all hatching and running around looking super cute. These little cutie-pies in the photo below are the latest additions. They don't actually belong to the hen, she just happened to be broody at the time so I shoved a few eggs under her. They are standard bred Rhode Island Reds where as she is a standard bred Light Sussex.

She is a great mother and this is her second lot of babies this season. Her other babies are now 13 weeks old and growing beautifully. This photo below shows 3 of the light Sussex Babies from the above hen plus 10 babies from the hatchery (5 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Sussex, 2 Barnevelder).

I know I've been a bit slack blogging at the moment but I've been busy. Plus have heaps of craft orders that need to be filled for Christmas. And to top it all off I entered into a garden competition (which ends mid December) plus started working on my own craft website. I'll give you the link but I haven't got much up at the moment only my downloadable knitting / crochet pattern files. I do plan to put up some toys & blankets etc this week when I get a spare moment. Plus we (my son & I) are still in the design stages of the site and making sure things work properly.

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