Sunday, 12 October 2014

Seeds have sprouted

Posting from Australia - NSW - Central Tablelands - Cold Climate

Seeds have sprouted and are looking reasonably happy sitting in the sun on the veranda. This is the perfect place to start them off as they get warm sun all day. The tricky part will be keeping them alive and growing at a steady rate until I can plant them out into the garden which wont happen until mid November when the last frost has passed.

Living in a cold climate has its challenges that's for sure take for example tomorrows forecast which is predicting possible snow showers, heavy rain and strong wind  .... Great just what I don't want at the moment but can't stop the weather from doing what it does especially at this time of year ... Spring is always a bit wobbly ... last week beautiful and warm this week freezing cold.

But that's life, just have to take the good with the bad. The weather plays a big part when it comes to growing vegetables & fruit so always has to be considered.

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