Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 October Snow Person

Yup ... got snow .... and lots of it ....
Awww so pretty .... so cold .... its not unusual for us to get snow in Spring because we live in a cold climate ...

Snow = fun ...although not sure my vegetable garden would agree with me on that. The onions and carrots got covered in a couple of inches of snow .... Maybe someone (Mr Onion Guy) needs to toughen up a bit.

The snow was heavy enough to bend the poles of the carrot bed which of course made the netting sag and then some of the carrots were sort of blanketed in a thick layer of snow .... the good thing about snow is that it insulates the plants unlike frost which freezes them ... yup, crazy but true. I would prefer snow to frost any day.

Here is a better view of the carrot bed getting snowed under ... took some of these photos at 11pm ... in my pyjamas .... whilst holding an umbrella ... and wearing gumboots ... I know ... I know .. What can I say ... I'm a trend setter ... anyhoo I needed the umbrella otherwise I would have got covered in snow and ended up looking like a snowman ...  snowwoman? ...  snowperson?? ... what's the politically correct term required when describing a human shaped figure made out of fluffy ice crystals ?? ... hmmm whilst pondering this dilemma I've discovered that political correctness sucks the fun out of everything

And seeing as we are talking about snowmen I decided to build one. What do you think about the technique I used? ... The secret to building a snow man is to roll the snow ... (shhh don't tell anyone)

It is possible that I got a tad carried away with my snowman building abilities ... the neighbours description was "like a person possessed" ... hmm bit harsh ... What else was I going to do with all this snow? ... cant waste it I built 2 snowmen .. big deal

Ok Ok so it might have been more than two .... doesn't everyone build snowmen ... This snow guy in the photo below was the first one I built and you can see the design faults ... plus he looks like he has quite a few other issues but lets discuss the design flaws first .... You see I made the mistake of rolling the middle part of his body waaayyy too much and it became .... ummm .. .how do I explain this  ... a little heavy ... sooo heavy in fact that I could hardly lift the fucker into position ....
After I made him it was perfectly clear to me that my snowman building skills sucked big time .... I mean .. come on What the Hell is that!!! ... and why has he got 2 sticks poking out from the top of his head??? They were suppose to be his arms and instead I got confused and was thinking, momentarily I was making a reindeer .... 

So of course when faced with snowman skills that are below par there is only one thing to do ... yup you guessed it ...  practice, practice, practice I made another one ..... it is possible that I ended up with five of them scattered around the yard ... ... could have been six but whos counting  .... ALRIGHT it was Seven .... I only built Seven of them .... Sheesh!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Seeds have sprouted

Posting from Australia - NSW - Central Tablelands - Cold Climate

Seeds have sprouted and are looking reasonably happy sitting in the sun on the veranda. This is the perfect place to start them off as they get warm sun all day. The tricky part will be keeping them alive and growing at a steady rate until I can plant them out into the garden which wont happen until mid November when the last frost has passed.

Living in a cold climate has its challenges that's for sure take for example tomorrows forecast which is predicting possible snow showers, heavy rain and strong wind  .... Great just what I don't want at the moment but can't stop the weather from doing what it does especially at this time of year ... Spring is always a bit wobbly ... last week beautiful and warm this week freezing cold.

But that's life, just have to take the good with the bad. The weather plays a big part when it comes to growing vegetables & fruit so always has to be considered.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Vegetable Garden Now & Then

3rd lot of seeds now set WhoOHHOOOO!!! ... Living in a cold climate means everything needs to be organized to within an inch of its life otherwise I'll miss the season. The window of opportunity is very small

1st lot of seeds set were the onions (now planted as seedlings in main garden)

2nd lot of seeds set were carrots planted directly into garden
and this 3rd lot are the frost tender babies which dislike cold weather and perform better in the warmer months (pumpkins, corn, broccoli, tomatoes, celery, beans, capsicum, cauliflower, cabbage, Lettuce) ...
yes, yes ,yes I know blah, blah I can grow cabbage in the cooler months however I use the old fashioned style of growing vegetables and shut the beds down after harvest .... therefore everything I need is grown in the warmer months (and can be done that way because I live in a cold climate ... I'd do it a bit different if I lived in a warmer place) and then processed or stored by bottling, freezing etc .... so in winter I can sit by the fire & knit when it’s too darn cold to go outside .... simple .... KISS method  ..... Always garden to your own weather conditions not to what the guy on the TV tells you to do.
Hard to believe that a hand full of seeds will produce so much food. Below is a photo of last seasons vegetable garden and some of the vegetables & fruit produced from our back yard

Woolly work space

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