Monday, 8 September 2014

Sprouting Time - Peas and Onions

Its Pea Time ... that's right you heard me  ....  the peas have finally sprouted and are looking rather cute sitting in their dunny rolls sucking up water and growing taller by the minute.... awww pretty.

Planted then on the 20/08/14 and its now 21 days later . They are looking good, rather happy that all 9 "Greenfeast"  have sprouted. A 100% sprouting is very good indeed, I'm happy when I get over 50% ... the same cant be said for the "Snow peas" they are just starting to sprout and so far 3 out of 9 have developed. Admittedly the Snow pea seeds are 2 years out of date but I was too slack to go get more so used what I had .... its all good, what ever grows is ok with me.

This is the dodgy video I did on How To Start Onion and Pea Seeds ... I had a cold when I did this so hard to breath and talk all at the same time :)

The onions are going crazy which is a good sign ... think it might end up being a good year for growing onions ... I know that sounds a bit out there but I can sort of tell what vegetables will have a good growing season from the way the seeds behave ... The mysteries of nature have a way of "knowing" if the coming seasons will be good for the developing seeds

They are looking good and standing up nice and tall, have another 3 containers so should end up with a few hundred onions. That's a lot of onions soup! (got a great old recipe for French Onions Soup which I will share very soon, just have to stop mucking around and write it out)

The bed they will eventually occupy is 9 metres long by 1 metre wide and can handle approx. 900 onions. The photo below is from last years planting. The beds are specifically designed long and thin so I don't have to walk on them to plant which stops the soil from becoming compacted.

Last year was a really difficult year because of the drought . We missed out on the winter & spring rain fall plus living in a rain shadow doesn't help. The water tanks ran out half way through the season so had to harvest the onions early.

Below is a photo of the early harvest from last years growing season. Didn't get as many as previous years but cant complain because we had no water left so they just had to make do with what was in the ground. Thankfully the soils here are very fertile and have good structure. I ended up harvesting them early and putting them on the veranda to dry.

They stayed on the veranda until the tops turn brown then they are topped and tailed (removed the leaves and roots) and placed in mesh bags or cardboard boxes (which ever I have handy at the time) and then placed out the back room for storage. The photos below show the different storage methods I have used over the previous years

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