Tuesday, 16 September 2014

More Baby Chickens

 *Yes*   ... L.O.V.E. little baby chicks ...so cute .... so fluffly ....

Check these guys out ... most people have a fish tank in their lounge room but not me ... no sirreee ... I have a brooder instead .... OK so not in the lounge room but out the back room  same thing (not)
Picked these little cuties up last week from the produce store ... they're about 4 days old when I got them so had to place them into the brooder to keep warm. Each day I put them into a carry container and take them out side to a small run so they can sit on the grass in the sunshine .... heres a video of how I WRANGLE THE CHICKENS into the cage hahaha tough job

They are a collection of Light Sussex, Rhode Island Reds and a couple of  Barnevelder ... I've never owned Barnevelder before so will be interesting to see how they turn out ... very pretty though ... I like them a lot.

Below is a photo of them on the grass having a bit of fun running around
They came straight from the hatchery and apparently have been "sexed" even though they could only give me an 80% accuracy rating that they are all females so we will see I guess .... last year I got some and ended up with 1 rooster which wasn't too bad.

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