Monday, 29 September 2014

Last Seasons Corn, Beans & Capsicum Beds

This is a photo of last season’s Corn, Bush Beans & Capsicum Beds. 

I plant the same vegetables every year in the same beds. . We allow the beds to rest after each harvest and do not grow continuously. There is a minimum of. 6 months rest for the beds before replanting begins the following season. Each bed is covered thickly in animal manure & dynamic lifter etc straight after harvest.

I always plant 80 corn plants into the corn bed. All corn is started by seed and I always use the same variety of corn which is Yates Sweet Corn “Honey Sweet” .I like that variety because they grow well and produce multi stems with many corn cobs … one plant I got 6 cobs from but mostly I get 2 to 3 cobs per plant plus a handful of little one which I give to the chooks

Last year harvested 201 cobs of corn from 80 corn plants. I harvest them all at the same time and then blanch and freeze them to use through winter months. I think the corn is my favourite plant to grow and often I will pick some and stand in the vegetable patch eating it like a squirrel … just love it. .. can never have enough corn growing

 As for the beans, if I can get 27 kilo a year or more then I know I will have enough beans to blanch and place in the freezer to last through winter.

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