Monday, 22 September 2014

Garlic Harvest - one down four to go

Yes, Yes,  I know, I know ... you are probably sick & tired of hearing me talk about garlic ... blah, blah, blah, garlic this, garlic that ... ooohh look at all my garlic  ... "ohhh pleaseeeee no more garlic smugness"  ... hahaha  .... I'm sorry, I know I can be a right royal pain in the bum ... but I get soooo excited when things turn out and the plants grow well  .... sort of .... OK so this first lot of garlic not so good .... got a bit moldy .... don't ya hate that .... when your garlic goes moldy .... I know I do

Planted 200 of the "Glen Large" and managed to save 135 of them. Had to harvest early due to a rainy cold snap which caused the White Rot to run rampant .... the bulbs were covered in mold ... urrgghhh what a fun job that was to remove ...  was very tempted to just chuck the whole lot in the bin and then I though "bugger this" I'll see if I can save some ... well surprise, surprise got more than I bargain for ... some of the cloves tried to reshoot as well so could have lost all of them if I hadn't harvested even though a month early. The bulbs are small but will still get a feed from them.

This type of garlic called "Glen Large" is a soft neck variety and more suitable to warmer climates even though garlic likes cold environments my place was just a bit tooo cold for it plus we got a late snow shower right at the critical time of bulb formation and things turned pear shaped after that ....

I've not grown this type before and not sure if I will again, haven't made up my mind just yet. The weather is temperamental at this time of year so is always a challenge growing garlic at the best of times.  As the temperatures start to warm up in Spring, the garlic starts to set bulb and if a cold snap comes through it can cause the bulb to reshoot or rot or both. Nothing much can be done about White Rot as it occurs during cold wet weather and it travels through the soil in the water. Its just one of those things that nature does.

This variety of Garlic has a very strong flavor and is incredibly tasty. I'll probably give in and keep a few for next years planting ... the habit of saving seed/cloves etc is hard to break.

The image below shows the remaining garlic still growing, got about 600 left in the ground. Fingers crossed the weather remains reasonably stable until they are ready for harvest. ... The remaining garlics should be ready some time within the next 6 weeks and the Elephant garlic sometime in Dec (it takes 9 months to maturity)

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