Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Garlic Video

Just done a walk around of the garlic, looking good. Had some decent rain over the last few days which has been a big help. This lot of garlic was planted in March and I've been relying on tank water the last couple of months so was pretty happy to see the rain this week.

Took a video this morning and have just uploaded it onto Youtube . It's called Growing Garlic. This year I've increased the amount to 837 cloves planted and 5 varieties. Elephant Garlic, Small Pink Garlic, Purple Monaro, Glen Large & Italian White. Its growing well considering its been quite a mild winter, the lowest temp so far has been -4 whereas some years it drops to -8.

I'm looking forward to this years harvest just to see how the new varieties turn out. Last year I grew the Elephant garlic and small pink so curiosity has got the better of me and I am becoming impatient to see how the others turn out. Still a few more months to go. The garlics will be ready around October/November and the Elephant garlic sometime November/December .

Below is a photo of the Elephant Garlic growing in a Boarder Bed.

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