Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Garden Preparation

Have kicked the chooks out of the main garden and now getting things ready for the coming 2014 growing season. The chook tractors had a great time kicking everything around and pulling out the weeds (saves me doing it!).

Didn't take long to get it back into shape, 20 minutes to scrape the mulch off the paths then about 1 hour to hose them off .... love hosing the paths, find it relaxing.

Here's a video link of the garden preparation  (you'll have to excuse my sniffles as I have a cold in the video)

The beds are covered in grass-fed animal manures & mulched leaves each year once harvest is finished and then the beds are allowed to rest for a few months which is very important as it gives time for the soils to recover. The chooks are allowed in for about one month to pick out any bugs & weed seeds and to gently till the soil

We grow the same things each year in the same beds such as corn, broccoli, beans, peas, carrots, capsicums, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cauliflower & cabbages and this particular main garden patch has been in use for the last 7 years. We do have separate strawberry patch, separate pumpkin patch & separate garlic beds which are not shown in this photo

We grow approx. 1 tonne of food each year and the amount produced varies depending on amount of rain water available etc. We live in a "Rain Shadow" so have installed a series of water tanks which are used exclusively in the garden.

The photo below shows our storage tank bank. We have tanks connected to the house and when full the water is pumped to these storage tanks which are used in the garden via a series of taps & pumps

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