Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fermented Vegetables & Fruit

Check out these bad babies... yup they're used to ferment vegetables & fruit. Just another way to preserve stuff

We got these 2 crockpots (?) from the Mudgee field day couple of months ago. What a great place that is! ...  anyhoo the little white pot on the right hand side is called a "Rumtopf" and apparently all I have to do is put some fruit and rum into it, wait for the magic to happen and Vola! Bobs your uncle .. Preserved fruity rumness *shrug* I don't really know, think the fruit is then used as a dessert and the juice can be drunk as a liquor or something like that ... I'm not a fan of rum (I'd sooner eat a mouthful of wasps) but if that's what goes into it then so be it. Who am I to argue with the mysterious ancient ways of preserving.

Apparently it is one of the simplest and most delicious ways of preserving fruits (I'm reading that bit off the info they gave me) How does it work I hear you ask? Well (again reading from the info) "Alcohol arrests the spoilage of fruit and, in combination with the sugar, has a powerful germicidal effect" .... hhmmm so there you go ... interesting .... "Many Cultures traditionally preserve fruit in alcohol"

The larger brown pot is for making Sauerkraut ... now I don't know about you but I love Sauerkraut and I cant wait to give this thing a spin .... from the instructions that came with it, I'm thinking  its reasonably easy to make .... add cabbage and mush it up by using the wooden thingy (technical term) then add some salt and again wait for the magic to happen (bit more to it than that but you get the jist ) ...

The other day I googled Sauerkraut and found that people are making it in Vacola jars (or Mason Jars as some people call them)  ....anyway its all very interesting and I cant wait to try it .... but first I have to grow some cabbage.

Here's some cabbage I grew last year ...although not much good to me now is it because I've already eaten it .... burrrppp!!!! ..... I love cabbage. These ones are called "Sugar Loaf"

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