Friday, 26 October 2018

Baby Blankets

Vegetable Seedlings

Posting from Australia  mid Spring

Not long now before I plant these babies into the veg patch.

photo 1) seedlings on window ledge on veranda

photo 2) Spinach which will live its life in this pot, I'll be pinching the leaves for my sandwich

Photo 3) Purple King climbing beans. These get massive and grow to about 2 metres. They need strong support and the leaves suffer if they are exposed to strong hot winds so a shelters spot is ideal if possible

Photo 4) Tomato seedlings

Photo 5) Radish going berserk

Photo 6) Emerging Zucchini & cucumber seedlings

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Frozen Circles, potatoes, garlic & crochet lizards

Ice circles from the birdbath. this winter we had temps drop as low as minus -10

Potato plants have spring back into life. Worst drought in 2 years, finally got some rain over the past 3 weeks

5 month old Elephant Garlic plants. They should be ready for harvest in another 3 to 4 months ... depending on weather conditions

Crochet lizard and tulips

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Woolly work space

This is a photo of my little work space where I make the different crochet & knitted toys. I find it incredibly relaxing and no two toys are ever the same, each one is unique.

Each toy takes many hours to make. I make them in my spare time when I'm not outside chasing chooks or growing vegetables.

I use patterns that I have collected over the years. I also design some of my own patterns which can be both challenging and rewarding. Right now I am working on a yoga mat tote pattern . Below is a photo of the finished item. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Two 2nds & a 3rd at the Show

Knitted pony took out 2nd place in the "Crochet Toy" section at the while crochet chook took out 3rd place .
Knitted pig took out 2nd place in the "Knitted Toy" section.
 I'll be better prepared for next years show, I'm already in the process of picking out other items to make and will try to have items made in time so I can enter one or two items per section.
It is fun to be part of the show and I recommend anyone who can knit or crochet to have a go. Regional Shows like this rely heavily on exhibitors otherwise there is no show. Next year is the 150 year anniversary of the Bathurst Show so it will be a big deal.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Knitted Bunnies Crochet bunnies

Getting ready for another Bathurst Show. Its been 21 years since I last entered.

 I was going to enter some of these bunnies but they have since been sold so have decided to enter a chook and blanket instead. Applications for entry into the show closed last week. The show will be on from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th of April - this is the link if anyone interested BATHURST SHOW

There is always lots of interesting things to look at in the show, plenty of stalls and exhibits, lots of beautiful animals, heaps of rides and even some wood chopping and sheep dog trails.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Crochet Owls, Knitted piggies & Garlic Harvest

This time of year is always busy, the veg garden comes to life and the toys orders roll in for xmas. I need to grow an extra pair of arms just to get all the jobs done.

These are a few of the toys that have been made this last week. The owls are my favourite because they are fun to make and turn out really cute with their big eyes .
The Piggies are a bit more fiddly but do seem popular with most people.
I made a purple one last week as a special order for a lady and it turned out rather nice. It never occurred to me to make a purple one.
The big chicken below is my own crochet & knit creation. Its still in the development stage. The little chickens surrounding it are from an old pattern I found on Ebay many years ago.  

I've had a bit of a break from knitting & crocheting . The last couple of days I've spent outside which has been great. The veg garden is going crazy, the warm weather has caused the seedlings to take off , the peas are ready to pick and the garlic has been harvested. Below are a few photos of the veg garden and if you want to know more then this is the link to my GARDEN PAGE


Monday, 23 May 2016

Owls, Bunnies, Monkeys & Chickens

These are a few of the toys I've been making over the past couple of months.

My favorite has to be the owl. I think it turned out well and looks really cute.

The Owl is a new pattern that I got from a magazine called "Amigurumi". It has since gone out of print which is a real shame because it was quite a good publication. I managed to purchase the first 3 volumes but haven't seen it for sale since. I actually think it was one of the better publications compared to some of the others that are around at the moment.

I buy a lot of crochet and knitting magazines but what I am discovering is that a lot of them are owned by the same publisher and so they tend to print the same patterns across the different magazines which can be a bit annoying especially when you end up with the same pattern from 3 different magazines.

The bunnies and the chicken are patterns that I bought from Ebay years ago. At the time they were the original pages of the patterns but now it seems that everyone sells copies of these patterns which must be very frustrating for the original pattern writer.

One of my favourite things to make is the Pineapple teacosy.  I think it is the funnies thing I have ever seen ... I mean ... why would you want a teacosy shaped like a pineapple??? ... hahaha but people do, even I have kept one for myself, and I used it every time I make a cuppa. I love it. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Vegetables, chooks & Knitted Stuff

Busy, Busy, Busy that's all I can say about the last couple of months, the garden has gone crazy with produce, the chooks have had baby chicks and the toy orders just keep rolling in *yay*

I'll give you the link to my garden page, its called . Grown Your Own Food . That way you can see more photos of the veg garden and what I've been harvesting. We've had a great start to the season, got some nice rain which filled our tanks. The veg garden is watered by tank water only as its waaay too expensive to pay for town water. I wouldn't be able to have such a large garden if I had to water it with town water, would be cheaper to just go to the shops instead . The main reason I grow some of my own food is because I prefer the taste of it when compared to commercial crops.

I've been working on making bunnies at the moment. I know its early for Easter but my toys are handmade and it takes me quite a lot of time to make a toy unlike the mass produced toys that are now available. I have to start my stockpile now so I have enough to sell at Easter, no point waiting until the last minute. This little bunnie is knitted and took about 2 days to make. Its a lot of work but I love knitting & crochet. I do it when I have a bit of spare time as I find it incredibly relaxing. During summer its a bit tricky because I'm mostly outside in the garden or chasing chooks but during winter, when the garden is empty, I like to sit on the couch and make stuff.

This next photo is of my 10 week old chicken babies. They are a selection of Rhode Island Reds, Australorps, and the white ones I purposely crossed to produce meat birds. They are Rhode Island Red x Light Sussex and they are roosters (its called sex-linking and this crossing produces white chicks which are male and brown chicks which are female so they can be "sexed" as they hatch)

The chicks will stay separate from the main flock of hens until they are about 20 weeks old. At the moment they are in a pen that opens out onto a grassed area. I grow lettuce for them as well which they seem to enjoy.

I learnt a very hard lesson with the last lot of chicks I hatched in 2014  ... I was told by a *cough* chicken expert that I should give them turkey starter ... well I did that (thinking the expert knew more than me) and I managed to successfully kill every single chick over an 18 week period  ... apparently Turkey starter has too much protein in it and destroys the chicks intestines. To say I was pissed off is an understatement. I was not impressed at all as I lost genetics I had been breeding for .... anyway I have learnt my lesson and this lot of chicks have stayed on chicken starter and I haven't lost any of them. I am really pleased with how they are growing and how healthy they are. So remember, if anyone tells you to use Turkey starter on your baby chicks, tell them to bugger off!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Fur Baby Blanket & Seed Planting

Done! whooohoo, looks pretty cute to me. This is just a proto type so only a small blanket but it would look great on a baby cot or even used for that special fur baby
Next one I make will be bigger and I'll use brighter colours. Lots of things could be made using this technique. The original pattern came from Patons and I've only just found a spare moment to give it a try. I've modified it slightly and changed the edging to one row instead of 6 rows. Also changed the colours and worked with 4 instead of 16. I made a small one this time just to see how it would look sew together. I like it. Will be making more of these and in all sorts of colours as well. This one will be going up for sale in the next couple of weeks once I get around to taking a better photo of it. ....

Also spent yesterday planting more seeds, this time all the frost tender ones. This is what my work space looks like. this is a link to my VEGETABLE GARDEN PAGE if you want more info about what I planted etc.

I start all my vegetables this way. I pot the seeds and then let them sit out on the veranda for a few weeks next to the windows until they germinate and then transplanted into the main garden.

Baby Blankets